Conference Theme: Securing Irelands Future

  • The National Sustainability Summit will be held on the 11th October in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin.

    The event will provide an ideal platform to discuss and debate the parameters for COP21/CMP11 Conference of the Parties to the United Nationas Framework Convention on Climate Change, otherwise known as Paris 2015.

    The event is taking place at a pivotal time – in the run-up to UN climate change summit in Paris this December. It’s expected this climate conference will conclude a groundbreaking international agreement on emissions which, for the first time, will cover all nations of the world.

    Given such a legally binding deal could be implemented as early as 2020, the National Sustainability Summit provides the ideal platform to discuss and debate what this will mean for Irish business, regulatory bodies and government.

    It’s clear that sustainability is no longer an optional add-on for business. In a commercial world of 5 and 10 year plans, adapting to climate change is now an imperative. Companies need to know that their supply chain is both secure AND sustainable. Shareholders and customers are increasingly demanding to know where their products are coming from. Market advantage will flow to those companies which can prove it.

    EU emissions reduction targets are already influencing business planning in all sectors of the Irish economy: construction, manufacturing, IT, food, aviation, energy, water, retail, hospitality, logistics and supply chain. Innovations and entrepreneurial skills have all ready begun to create a more sustainable Ireland, and this will be reflected in the National Sustainability Summit.

    The purpose of the National Sustainability Summit is to create a forum where business leaders, innovators, regulators and government can examine both the commercial opportunities in the emerging green economy as well as the challenges in achieving sustainability goals. Our aim is to create an annual event which will chart how industry is progressing and how Ireland Inc can secure competitive advantage.

    This is not just a social call-to-action but a wake-up call for Irish business – something which will only become more apparent in the event of an international deal in Paris. A collaborative approach to sustainability is called for. Key stakeholders need to work together to achieve very challenging targets, including those already set by the European Union. There will be significant penalties for government and losses for business in the event of failure.

    The speaker line up is drawn from senior management from the largest and most influential Irish and international companies who have delivered quantifiable eco results. Speakers come from areas such as pharmaceutical, food, aviation, retail, hospitality, food, construction, manufacturing, IT, logistics and supply chain and energy sectors. It will deliver compelling case studies that will help you create a sustainable business of your own or adapt your current business model.

    Get ahead of your peers, and participate in the National Sustainability Summit for a engaging and thought-provoking event, which will stimulate debate and help you to make the correct decisions to improve sustainability and profitability.

    Key topics will include:

    Water Management, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Energy, Recycling, Waste Reduction, Sustainable Construction & Buildings, Sustainable Food, Sustainable Manufacturing, Sustainable IT, Sustainable Technology, Consumer Engagement, Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Logistics and Supply chain, Regulations and Policy, Sustainable Investment, Tax and Legal issues, Sustainable Transport, And Much More …


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