Gaelectric was founded in 2004 as a renewable energy development company focused initially on Wind Energy. The company has successfully developed 260MW of wind assets and a further 100MW are due to be operational by mid 2017.

Gaelectric’s energy storage development team was formed in 2006 and is focused on both grid level and distributed storage solutions. The 330MW Larne Compressed Air Energy Storage project is due for planning submission by in Q4 2015 and the team has an MOU with TESLA with respect to battery storage development on the island of Ireland

In 2014 Gaelectric reacted to the rapidly changing energy market by investing in two new entities:

Trading & Market Services Division to garner further value from renewable assets operating in the

  1. wholesale energy market by managing the market interface and risk independently.
  2. The acquisition of the Irish and UK based Imperative Energy whose focus is primarily on industrial scale distributed energy generation through Bioenergy & Solar.
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