Brendan Walsh – PhD Researcher, UCC

  • Speaker Bio:

    Brendan Walsh is a Chartered Engineer with over twenty years Industrial and Consultancy experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Engineering Science degree in research into “Phase Change Materials”. Brendan is currently pursuing a PhD in “Manufacturing Process Sustainability Advancement through a Water-Management Value-System” with the Intelligent Efficiency Research Group at University College Cork, and also lectures part-time in the CAMMS centre in Cork Institute of Technology.

    Presentation Title:

    Manufacturing Process Sustainability Advancement through a Water-Management Value-System

    Presentation Synopsis:

    Water as a resource needs to be managed and motivating factors are necessary to enable the transformation, however the cost savings associated with the necessary modifications do not alone provide adequate justification. The reason for this is that the true cost or true value of the water being used is not known.

    In order to address this situation within industry, a novel framework for establishing the true cost of water, by analysing the value added, has been developed and applied to a typical manufacturing factory.

    The true cost provides a valuable insight into the operation of the facility, a means for internal and external benchmarking and internal cost control, and also the data necessary to financially justify any modifications required. The data may also be used to assist with the calculation of a water footprint or a life-cycle cost.

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