Dr. Michael Millane- Research Officer, Inland Fisheries Ireland

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    Dr Michael Millane is a Research Officer in Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) working on the conservation and sustainability of the Atlantic salmon fisheries resource in Ireland.  He has experience in experimental design, data management, risk analyses, field surveying and statistical modelling and analyses related to inland fisheries and associated freshwater environments. In addition, he has been involved in fisheries policy development and related stakeholder engagement and education and awareness initiatives.  Previous to his salmonid brief, Dr Millane worked extensively in IFI in the area of aquatic invasive species, primarily under the EU LIFE+ and NPWS-funded CAISIE project and the Non-native Species Risk Assessment project. He has been employed as a Research Officer by IFI since 2009, with previous periods working for its predecessor, the Irish Central and Regional Fisheries Boards, in both 2001 and 2004.  He has also worked in environmental consultancies with a focus on fisheries and aquatic ecological assessments in both inland and coastal waters.

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