Frances Cleary – Project Coordinator, Telecommunications Software & Systems Group

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    Frances has worked in TSSG, Waterford Institute of Technology for the past 11 years, working in the following main thematic research areas such as Pervasiveness in converged telecommunications, user-centric paradigm for seamless mobility in Future internet, federated testbed management and Embedded software quality assurance and testing. Frances has multiple years of experience as a project coordinator of EU FP7 funded research projects relating to Security and actively leads the Cybersecurity & Privacy (CSP) Forum initiative. Over the past few years Frances has become more involved in ITS related research having a direct interest in urban mobility, ITS and automotive related research thematic areas (eg ADAS, HMI, intelligent/Smart transport and mobility and the adoption and use of ICT technologies to intelligent transport systems). Here TSSG has been active in projects ranging from Safercycling (ICT technologies supporting VRU cyclists at roundabouts), Citysense (urban nervous system) and vehicle Telematics platform Management System.

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